Revive Extreme Hair Growth Oil

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Benefits: Adds softness and shine, stimulates hair growth, prevents hair breakage.

How To Use: Apply To Scalp Everyday (For Faster Results) or Every Other Day. Can Use In the Morning or Night.

What it is: Rich in all-natural ingredients designed to cherish your mane and encourage growth, this nourishing oil is a rich combination of nature’s most powerful ingredients for the growth and maintenance of strong, healthy hair. Used in hair care for thousands of years, Olive Oil and Grapeseed Oil penetrate the hair shaft and hydrate it from its core, adding luxurious softness and noticeable shine. As well as being known to stimulate hair growth, Apricot Seed Oil and Burdock also soften the scalp, whilst Avocado Oil seals the cuticle cells - preventing hair from breakage and securing all of that divine, nourishing goodness in, resulting in strong, revitalized hair, and sublime growth. 

Ingredients: Olive Oil, Apricot Oil, Avocado Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Essential Oils


Infused Herbs: Burdock
Size: 4oz 

Customer Reviews

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Bennice Byles

My daughter and I have been using this product for over a year and the results have been beyond impressive! We have growth and restoration! I highly recommend Revive Extreme Hair Growth Oil!

After years of trying this product worked

Over the years I noticed the top of my hair started thining and it eventually ended up with a bald spot in the very top. I tried different ointments and shampoos and the bald area still remained bald. I attended a pop up shop in Livonia, Mi and I met April and I informed her of my problem with my hair. I informed her I would purchase her product, but if I did not receive any results, she would never hear from me again. I decided to start using every night before going to bed to allow the oil to santuate into my scalp while I sleep. after 3 weeks, I was at the Salon that I visit every two weeks and my beautician says to me that she see hair in the spot we have been trying to work on for a year. I asked her to snap a picture of it, and my air started covering up the spot. I will continue to use this product so that I can stop wearing weave and buying weave. Thank you Herbal Skin Essentials for allowing me wear my crown again.

Johnetta Golson
It really works!!!

This product is awesome. When I have my hair braided I use this on my scalp every other day. It’s so light weight an the smell is amazing. My hair is always much softer and manageable when I take the braids out after using this product during the duration.

Diyya Hagerman
This works!

My husband uses this and his weak spot is now strong!