Meet The Founder

Having always had sensitive skin, I created Herbal Skin Essentials to help myself, and others like me, improve the health of their skin, naturally. 

From a young age, my mom was always very careful with my skin. Any little mark or inflammation, and I would be straight down to the dermatologist to get it checked out.. As time went on, I tried more and more chemical- filled products that were recommended to me, but after many trips to the doctors office, and my own experimentation, I realized that the problem was not that my sensitive skin could not be fixed, but that the toxic products I was using on my skin were actually making it worse!

After realizing this, I had a complete diet and skincare overhaul. I researched natural resources such as oils and herbs that helped heal the skin, creating my own concoctions to use myself. After only a couple of uses of my naturally sourced products, not only did my skin feel soothed and calm for the first time in my life, but it also looked hundred times better for it.

Then came the tragic start of Covid-19. I noticed friends and family complaining of their skin being irritated from wearing masks, and when I researched further, I realized that this was a very common issue that people were having. Knowing I could do something to help. I created Herbal Skin Essentials for those that wanted a holistic approach to soothing, protecting, and healing their skin in a healthy way, with a goal to leave every complexion looking and feeling divine.