Seamoss Face Mask

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Benefits: Decreases dark spots and acne, gives skin a natural glow while tightening and evening out skin tone.

How to use: Apply to face allowing to sit 15-20 min and rinse off. Can be applied 3-4 times a week.

What it is: Sea Moss - is filled with vitamins, omega-3 fatty acids, and magnesium, which helps to hydrate and support healthy nourished skin, that looks as incredible as it feels. Packed full of ingredients that revitalize and refresh your skin ready to take on the day, this Seamoss Face Mask, is the perfect natural remedy for a tired, blemished, dull complexion. Treating dark spots and acne, Key Lime gently removes dead skin, allowing your natural glow to shine through, whilst helping to protect your skin from signs of aging. Blended together with Alkaline Water, which is gentle and moisturizing on the skin, the true miracle ingredient - Sea Moss - is filled with vitamins, omega-3 fatty acids, and magnesium which help to hydrate and support healthy nourished skin that looks as incredible as it feels.

Ingredients: Seamoss, Alkaline Water, Key Lime
Note: This item must be refrigerated.

Customer Reviews

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Just got this product. I applied and after 20 minutes rinsed and then washed my face with Seamoss Mask. Loved the results my skin felt so clean and smooth. Love it

Eric Jefferson
Hair oil & seamoss mask

First time user here! I love these products, Will definitely buy again. My skin looks amazing and my hair is growing and beginning to shine.

Diyya Hagerman
Skin so soft

Soft skin and blemish free. Must try.

Rebecca Davis
SUPER Seamoss

This mask is AWESOME...had my face looking and feeling supple after 1st use...Get You Some!

When I say THE TRUTH...

I absolutely love this mask. I use It every other day. I am loving how soft, smooth and bright my skin has became! I’ve almost finished my 1st one - about to order again! I personally saw results after the first application!